The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is based on the beloved stories of artist Mauri Kunnas.


The House of Mr. Clutterbuck in Sastamala is an exciting and active world based on the characters from Mauri Kunnas’s popular children’s books. The house lets visitors immerse themselves in play, regardless of age: playing, dressing up in role-play costumes, colourful sights and sounds. Each room is based on a certain book or books.

The author Mauri Kunnas was born in 1950 in Vammala (now called Sastamala), where he spent his childhood and youth. Kunnas is still active in his old home town and has been actively involved in the design, building and renovation stages of the different areas in the house. The House of Mr. Clutterbuck was opened in summer 2003.

Kunnas’s first children’s book, Suomalainen tonttukirja (The Book of Finnish Elves), was published in 1979. He has had over 40 books published. His books have been translated into 35 languages and published in 36 countries. In all, around 10 million of his books have been printed. The most popular of his works is Joulupukki (Santa Claus), which has been translated into 26 languages.



The House of Mr. Clutterback and the Shop of Lovely Things are open.

We monitor carefully the instructions and keep The House of Mr. Clutterbuck and The Shop of Lovely Things as safe for our visitors as possible. The shop is open for all. So far there has been enough space to safely keep your distance from other people. We strongly recommend that adults use masks both in the exhibition and in the shop.

We limit the amount of customers playing in The House of Mr. Clutterbuck. Therefore we recommend you call before you come to play: 044 770 3102. 

Some instructions in the corona epidemic situation:

  • Come to play only when you are healthy
  • Wash or disinfect your hands right after arriving and regularly several times a day.
  • Cough and sneeze in disposable, clean tissue, and throw it away. Wash your hands after this.
  • Remember safety distances even when you are playing. Some rooms in The House of Mr. Clutterbuck are rather small, so we recommend that you enter rooms with only your own party.



The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is open all year round and Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard from May to October.
During summer time the same admission fee gives access to the House and Fun on Wheels Yard.

November – April

• Mon-Fri 10-17
• Sat 10-14

• Ticket 7 € per person
• Groupticket (4 or more paying customers) 6 € per person
• Children under 2-years old get in free.

May, September – October

• Mon-Fri 10-17
• Sat 10-16

• Ticket 9 € per person
• Groupticket (4 or more paying customers) 8 € per person
• Children under 2-years old get in free.

June – August

• Mon-Fri 10-17
• Sat 10-16

• Ticket 9 € per person
• Groupticket (4 or more paying customers) 8 € per person
• Children under 2-years old get in free.


The same ticket gives access to the House of Mr. Clutterbuck and Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard. Tickets are valid for the whole day. The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is open all year round and The Fun on Wheels Yard is open from May to October.

Mr. Clutterbuck's home

In Mr. Clutterbucks home you can play in Mr. Clutterbucks kitchen and in his attic. In the attic you can say hello to the ghosts of the haunted clock. You can slide down a fireman’s pole or climb down a ladder if you dare to go past some of the ghosts. (But don’t worry, they are actually really nice fellows.)

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

The road to the knights’ hall goes past a growling dragon-like creature hiding in the trees. Here, children can climb onto the castle wall to keep a look-out. At the round table sits Sir Arthur and his faithful cat knights. Knight costumes, swords and shields invite children into the bustling knights’ castle.

Doghill Kids Go to Town

The Doghill kids’ Old Town lets visitors to step into surroundings familiar from the books. Children can check out the shoemaker’s workshop, wonder at the potions in the olden times pharmacy and weigh potatoes, herrings or carrots on an old fashioned set of scales in the general store. In the Old Town visitors can smell the tar and get into the old town atmosphere by dressing up as gents and ladies of the times. Children can also stage their own puppet shows.

The Out-Of-This-World Space Experience

The year is somewhere in the 3000s. On the surface of the planet one can put on a space suit before embarking on an adventure based on the Out-of-This-World Space Book. Sit down in the space bus and go on an almost real feeling space flight, going around the whole of our solar system. The flight to Pluto and back takes 7 minutes. Visitors can stop and gaze at the twinkling stars or perhaps check what their own horoscope sign looks like in the night sky.

Mr. Clutterbuck's Fun on Wheels Yard

Inspired by the Fun on Wheels and Pawchester Tales books, the Fun on Wheels Yard is a place a bit like Pawchester where you can whizz around in pedal cars, fill up at the fuel station or maybe take your vehicle to the car wash. The smaller drivers can get the feeling of speed in their own track, where they can drive for example tricycles. The Fun on Wheels Yard is open from May to October.

Lovely pillow case and mugs from the gift shop.

The Shop of Lovely Things

The gift shop sells all kinds of souvenirs for yourself or for a friend, including many products featuring Mr. Clutterbuck or other characters from Kunnas’s books. The gift shop is open for all visitors, without admission fee.


Herra Hakkaraisen talo is located in Marttilankatu 10, Vammala, which is the town center of Sastamala, near the center roundabout.

Using Satellite Navigation?

Anyone using satellite navigation systems to find us should type in

Marttilankatu 10, Sastamala
Marttilankatu 10, Vammala

Herra Hakkaraisen talo


The public transport connections are good, it’s easy to come by bus or by train (train connection Helsinki-Tampere-Vammala).

Train: www.vr.fi
Busses: www.matkahuolto.fi


Parking is free in the center of Vammala, Sastamala.


The House of Mr. Clutterbuck is accessible for wheelchairs via a ramp behind the house, and there is a wheelchair accessible WC on the ground floor. Our house is small inside and the different spaces are designed with children in mind; accessibility with a wheelchair is therefore challenging. There is no wheelchair access to the downstairs area, which is where the Out-Of-This-World Space Experience and the Doghill kids’ town are located.


Groups must be pre-booked, to make sure that we can serve you in the best possible way. During busy seasons (such as July and school holidays) we can only accept groups at certain times. Contact us for more details.


The House of Mr. Clutterbuck and its exhibitions are owned by the City of Sastamala. Taito Satakunta ry is responsible for its operations and marketing.

Tarja Manelius-Lähteenmäki, shop manager 
Reija Peuraniemi, marketing manager 
Hanna-Leena Rossi, general manager 
Virve Tuomi, financial secretary